A Social Athletics

About Us

The world is a serious place. Way too serious, if you ask us. Not everything has to be a matter of life or death. Sure it’s nice to win sometimes, but it’s nice to wear a spandex suit too – until you have to pee.

Somehow, grown-up society has forgotten – marginalized, even – one of the most important and natural parts of life: play. This amazing little thing we all used to be experts at... is a basic human need. As important as seven hours’ sleep (yes, there’s even some super serious research to back this up!*). Our body and mind don’t need us to conquer a 10 km run in under 40 minutes. They need to be reconfigured and rested. They need to laugh, joke, and sweat – ideally all at once.

We created TWOTWO to encourage all of this. To make people play. With revolutionary products? Yes, of course. But also with a totally different mindset. We value the social aspect and the off-court activities just as much as the performance and the #winning. We love crazy trick shots and all the misfits with annoyingly natural talent. We love late-night games submerged in floodlights and loud music. We even love tradition-breaking left-handed tournaments for right-handed players. Because if there’s anything the world needs now, more than ever, it’s play.

(*google it)